TV contracts for 2002 FIFA World Cup™: KirchMedia on time with all payments and guarantees

Zürich, 1 February 2002 - KirchMedia, holder of the worldwide TV rights for the 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cup™, was able to meet all of its obligations for the 2002 FIFA World Cup™ by the agreed deadline of mid-January 2002. FIFA has therefore received all of the due payments, amounting to CHF 1.2 billion. The outstanding amount of CHF 100 million is due to be paid 20 days after the end of the 2002 FIFA World Cup™, and is covered by the relevant binding bank guarantees.

Already in possession of the TV rights for Europe, Kirch exercised its option to purchase the worldwide TV rights for the 2002 and 2006 FIFA World Cup™ following the bankruptcy of FIFA’s former marketing and TV partner - the ISL/ISMM group - in May 2001. By exercising their option to purchase these rights, Kirch made a firm commitment to pay FIFA the minimum guarantee of CHF 1.3 billion.

In accordance with the TV contract, Kirch are also responsible for the production of the international TV signal in Korea and Japan. Preparations for setting up the International Broadcasting Centres in Seoul and Tokyo are progressing according to schedule.


Enquiries to be addressed to:
FIFA Media Office
Tel: +41-1/254 9800
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FIFA Communications Division
Zürich, 1 February 2002