FIFA U-19 Women’s World Championship Canada 2002: FIFA to announce squad lists on 10 August 2002

Zurich, 15 July 2002 - FIFA will announce the squad lists of the 12 finalist teams competing in the inaugural FIFA U-19 Women’s World Championship Canada 2002 on Saturday 10 August 2002, 12.00 am CET. Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria will play host to the first ever U-19 Women’s World Championship from 17 August to 1 September 2002. The Official Lists of 18 Players have to be submitted to FIFA ten clear days before the first match in the final competition.

In order to be eligible to participate in the FIFA U-19 Women's World Championship Canada 2002, players must have been born not before 1st January 1983 (upper age limit) and not after 31 December 1987 (lower age limit).

Only the numbers 1 to 18 may be used for the players and every player must wear the number allotted to her in the official players’ list for the entire duration of the competition. The numbers 1 and 18 are reserved exclusively for the goalkeepers.

If any player who features on the official list of 18 players sustains a serious injury or becomes so ill that she can no longer be expected to play or is unavailable for any other reason of force majeure before her team’s first match in the championship, she may be replaced. In such a case, the national association concerned will be authorised belatedly to enrol another player who was not already included on this official list.
Once the tournament has started, a maximum of three players featured on the official list of 18 players may be replaced (one goalkeeper and two field players), provided that the FIFA Sports Medical Committee has verified the injury or illness on the basis of a medical certificate

The numbers 19 and 20 must be used exclusively for field players who have been enrolled belatedly and, similarly, the number 21 for a goalkeeper.


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