Bahrain Football Association considers bid for 2004 FIFA Futsal World Championship

Zürich, 9 August 2002 - The Bahrain Football Association declared its interest in hosting the 2004 FIFA Futsal World Championship. In a meeting today Friday, 9 August, at FIFA headquarters in Zurich, the Minister of Sports of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sheik Fawaz al Khalifa, informed FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter on this plan and assured the government’s support.

Further topics discussed were the development of football in Bahrain and Asia in general as well as the building of headquarters of the Bahrain Football Association to be completed in 2003, in the frame of the FIFA GOAL Programme.

Also today, Friday 9 August, the FIFA President received courtesy visits from the President of the Liberia Football Association, Edwin Snowe, as well as the President and the General Secretary of the Georgian Football Federation, Merab Jordania and Valeri Cholaria.


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