Luciano Siqueira De Oliveira (AC Chievo Verona) provisionally suspended from all official or friendly international matches

Zürich, 20 September 2002 - It has come to FIFA’s attention, via the provisional decision taken by the Italian professional football league on 18 September 2002, which was supplied to the international football governing body by the Italian FA, that the player Luciano Siqueira de Oliveira (AC Chievo Verona) appears to have falsified his identification documents.

Although FIFA has not received a request to extend the decision taken by the national association in question, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee is authorised to pass a decision itself (in accordance with art. 141 par. 3 in relation to art. 2 and 76 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code (FDC) ).

As the alleged behaviour of the player in question constitutes in itself a serious violation of the FDC (art. 2 and 58), an inquiry must be initiated in order to determine the exact conditions under which the alleged behaviour took place. Such an inquiry will ensure a fair and just decision in this matter.

As the documents already in FIFA’s possession reveal a misdemeanour committed by the above player, the Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, Mr Marcel Mathier (Switzerland), has, in accordance with his judicial powers (article 134 of the FDC), decided to suspend the above player on a provisional basis with immediate effect.

Therefore, the player Luciano Siqueira de Oliveira is hereby suspended from all official or friendly international matches until a final decision is taken in this regard.

This decision, dated 19 September 2002, can be contested before the Chairman of the FIFA Appeal Committee (art. 128 of the FDC) until 21 September 2002, 24:00 CET.


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