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International fair play campaigns are one of the most effective means by which FIFA seeks to strengthen the ethical basis for football and for sport as a wider concept. A new Fair Play logo was introduced in 1993, together with a new trophy awarded at FIFA competitions and annually to an individual or a group, to stimulate awareness of how the dynamics of football are directly related to the elegance fundamental to all sporting endeavour. The world's top teams and players have a responsibility as role models for young people taking up the game, and FIFA has acknowledged this fact by obliging all the players in the World Cup finals and other FIFA events to sign a Fair Play Declaration.

Recent years have sadly seen a number of disturbances and occasional tragedies at football matches in various parts of the world which have emphasised how neither FIFA, the continental confederations nor the national associations can be primarily responsible for questions of security outside the stadia, nor for the socio-economic conditions which are predominantly at the root of these problems.

The incidence of occurrences bringing football into disrepute has, however, been successfully reduced as a result of close cooperation with the respective authorities and strict guidelines for match organisation and stadium design. FIFA is convinced that all-seater stadia are an important element in the on-going efforts to eradicate the problem of spectator disturbances which still remains latent in some countries and which unfortunately sometimes still manifests itself at matches.

Football cannot escape the fact that multi-cultural societies do not always engender racial harmony. Applying this awareness to football spectators and teams, FIFA remains true to the anti-discrimination ethics of its Statutes by lending willing support to the efforts of various organisations working to combat all forms of racial agitation in football.

Simply the Best
As well as rewarding its various world champion teams with cups and diplomas, FIFA also presents titles to individuals: the FIFA Fair Play Trophy is for the team with the best behaviour. Special acts of fair play are also recognised by an annual award which often goes to an individual or a group who otherwise enjoy little share of the spotlight.

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