1. If a referee signals a goal before the ball has passed wholly over the goal-line and he immediately realises his error, is the goal valid?

    No. The game shall he restarted by dropping the ball on that part of the goal-area line, parallel to the goal-line, nearest to the place where it was when the referee inadvertently stopped play.

  2. If a neutral linesman signals an offence or serious foul play or violent conduct committed by a player and not seen by the referee and this player's team scores a goal what action should the referee take?

    As long as play has not restarted, the goal shall he disallowed, the guilty player sent off and the match continued with a free-kick at the place where the infringement occurred, subject to the overriding conditions of Law XIII.

  3. After team A has kicked the hall into the goal of team B, the referee notices a signal from his linesman. The linesman tells the referee that a few seconds before the ball entered the goal of team B, the goalkeeper of team A had punched an opponent within his own penalty-area. What action should the referee take?

    The goal shall not be awarded, the goalkeeper of team A should be sent off and a penalty-kick should he awarded to team B.