1. A player who has taken a goal-kick properly, intentionally plays the ball with his hand when the ball has left the penalty-area but before it has been touched by another player. What is the decision?

    A direct free-kick shall be awarded to the opposing team.

  2. Should the referee award a penalty-kick if a player other then the goalkeeper takes a goal-kick and the ball passes out of the penalty-area into play but is blown back by a strong wind without any other player having touched it, and a player of the defending side other than the goalkeeper plays the ball with his hand within the penalty-area?

    Yes. If in similar circumstances, the goalkeeper takes the goal-kick and tries to stop the ball entering the goal and just touches the ball with his hand but fails to prevent it passing into goal, the referee shall award an indirect free-kick.

  3. During a goal-kick, the ball has travelled the distance of its circumference without leaving the penalty-area when an opponent enters the penalty-area and is intentionally fouled by a defending player. Can a penalty-kick be awarded?

    No, because the ball was not in play at the time the offence was committed. The offending player shall be cautioned or sent off, according to the nature of the offence, and the goal-kick retaken. If the ball has passed outside the penalty-area before the game is stopped, a goal-kick shall still be retaken as the player of the attacking side entered the penalty-area before the ball was in play.

  4. If a player is intentionally tripped before the ball passes out of the penalty-area when a goal-kick is being taken, should a free-kick be awarded?

    No, the ball is not in play until it has been out of the penalty-area. The offender shall be cautioned or sent off and the goal-kick retaken.

  5. After a goal-kick has been taken, the ball strikes the referee inside the penalty-area and continues into play. Must the kick be retaken?

    No. Any contact between the ball and the referee on the field of play is considered irrelevant.

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