1. If a referee is struck in the face by the ball which then enters the goal while he is temporarily incapacitated, should a goal be allowed although he has not seen it scored?

    Yes, if in the opinion of a neutral linesman nearer to the incident the goal was properly scored.

  2. A linesman signals that the ball has passed over the touch-line, but before the referee has declared the ball out of play a defending player inside the penalty-area strikes an attacking player. What action should the referee take?

    After having taken the appropriate action in relation to the offence the referee shall restart the game with a throw-in because the ball was out of play when the offence occurred.

  3. What action should a referee take against a player who lights a cigarette during the game?

    Caution him for ungentlemanly conduct.

  4. Can a captain send off one of his own team for serious misconduct?

    No. Only a referee can send a player off the field.

  5. What should a referee do if two captains agree to forego the half-time interval and one of the players insists on his right to 5 minutes' rest?

    Players have a right to 5 minutes' interval and the referee must grant it.

  6. Is the referee empowered to order team officials away from the boundary lines of the field of play?

    Yes, the referee has the right to take such measures even if the match is being played on a public ground.

  7. How should a referee react if during the course of a match, he realises that one of the teams is deliberately trying to lose? Should he draw the attention of the team in question to the fact that if they continue to play in that way he will terminate the game in accordance with the provisions of Law V (d)?

    The referee has no right to stop the game in this case.

  8. During a free-kick the referee gives a signal to continue even though an opponent is only 4.5m away from the ball and the opponent intercepts it. What should the referee's decision be?

    Play shall continue.

  9. Is the referee authorised to stop play if, in his opinion,. the floodlights are inadequate?


  10. Does a team captain have the right to question a decision of the referee?

    No, neither the captain nor any other player has the right to show disagreement with a decision taken by the referee.

  11. Some matches are played under floodlights. Sometimes these fail. Does the match have to be replayed in its entirety or only for the remaining time of play, if the lighting cannot be repaired after the failure?

    If, for any of the reasons mentioned under Law V, the referee terminates a match before normal time, it will have to he replayed in its entirety unless the rules of the competition provide for the score to be valid at the time the match was stopped.

  12. During a match, the referee or one of the linesmen is hit by an object thrown by spectators. Play is stopped for the referee or linesman to receive medical attention. Should the referee continue the game?

    If it is an isolated incident, the referee shall continue the game and shall submit a report to the responsible authorities.