1. Is the ball out of play if any part of the ball overlaps either the goal-line or the touch line?

    No, the whole of the ball must cross the line.

  2. A player asks to leave the field and, as he's walking off, the ball comes towards him and he shoots a goal. What action should the referee take?

    The player shall be cautioned. The game shall be restarted by an indirect free-kick, taken by a player of the opposing team, from the place where the infringement occurred, subject to the overriding conditions of Law XIII.

  3. A spectator blows a whistle and the goalkeeper, thinking it was the referee, passes the ball to a team-mate, who picks up the ball and places it on the ground, assuming that a free-kick has been awarded. Should the referee award a direct free-kick (or penalty) for handling the ball or should he stop the game because of the spectator's intervention and resume play by dropping the ball?

    Because the whistle came from off the field and not from the referee, a direct free-kick (or a penalty) shall be awarded to the opposing team for handling the ball.

  4. The ball leaves the field, passing over the touch-line after having been played by a player in team A. The linesman signals a throw-in but the referee does not see his signal. During the next few minutes free-kicks and corner-kicks are taken. The referee then notices the linesman with his flag still raised. What decision should the referee take?

    It is impossible to act on the linesman's signal after so much play.

  5. The referee is about to drop the ball. He invites the players from both teams to take part. One of the teams refuses. What should the referee do?

    The referee shall resume play by dropping the ball.

  6. The referee awards a dropped ball close to the touch-line. When dropped, the ball bounces across the touch-line without having been played. The Law stipulates that the ball must be dropped again but does not indicate from which place. Should the ball be dropped at the same place as before or from the point where it left the field?

    The ball must be dropped at the same place as before.

  7. The ball accidentally hits the referee or a linesman on the field of play and rebounds into goal. What should the referee's decision be?

    The referee shall award the goal.

  8. May a goalkeeper join other players at a dropped ball situation?

    Yes, the goalkeeper is a player just like the other players.