The ball is out of play:
  1. when it has wholly crossed the goal line or touchline, whether on the ground or in the air;

  2. when the game has been stopped by the referee.

The lines belong to the areas of which they are boundaries. Consequently, the touchlines and the goal lines form part of the pitch.

When a match is being played on an indoor pitch and the ball accidentally hits the roof, the game shall be restarted by dropping the ball on the ground below the place where it hit the roof, unless it hit it above the penalty area, in which case the referee shall drop the ball on the penalty mark.

The ball is in play at all other times from the start of the match to the finish, including:

  1. if it rebounds from a goal post or the crossbar onto the pitch;

  2. if it rebounds off either the main referee or the assistant referee when they are on the pitch;

  3. in the event of a supposed infringement of the Laws, until a decision is made.