The ball shall be spherical. The outer casing shall be of leather or other suitable material. No material shall be used in its construction which might prove dangerous to the players.

Felt balls are not permitted for international matches.

The ball shall have a minimum circumference of 62 cm and a maximum circumference of 64 cm. The weight of the ball at the start of the game shall not be more than 430 grams nor less than 390 grams.

The ball shall not bounce more than 65 cm nor less than 55 cm on the first rebound when dropped from a height of 2 m.

The use of other types of balls is permitted (no. 5 with less bounce, heavier, etc.) except in international matches, in which the ball stipulated in this Law shall be used.

For FIFA competition matches and competition matches under the auspices of the Confederations, only balls which have been shown to meet the minimum technical requirements set forth in Law II, shall be permitted for use. Acceptance of a ball for use in the abovementioned competitions will be conditional upon the ball bearing one of the following designations to indicate that it has met the minimal technical requirements:

­ The official "FIFA APPROVED" logo
­ The official "FIFA INSPECTED" logo
­ The reference "International Matchball Standards" (together with other such indications of technical conformity, as requested by FIFA).

In all other matches the ball used must satisfy the requirements of Law II. National associations or competitions may require the use only of balls bearing one of the aforementioned designations.

The ball shall not be changed during the game without the permission of the referee.

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