1. A player shall not wear anything which is dangerous to other players.

  2. The usual equipment of a player shall consist of a shirt, shorts, socks, shinguards and footwear. The only footwear permitted shall be canvas or soft-leather training or gymnastic shoes with rubber soles or some similar material. The use of footwear is compulsory.

    Shinguards shall be completely covered by the socks and shall be made of a material designed to provide a reasonable degree of protection (rubber, plastic, polyurethane or similar substance).

  3. The players shirts shall be numbered, each player of the same team having a different number.

  4. The goalkeeper shall be permitted to wear long trousers. He shall wear colours which easily distinguish him from the other players and the referees.

For any infringement of this Law, the player at fault shall be instructed to leave the pitch to adjust his equipment or to obtain any missing item of equipment and shall not return without first reporting to one of the referees, who shall satisfy himself that the player's equipment is in order. The player may only re-enter the game at a moment when the ball has ceased to be in play.

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