Conditions under which kicks from the penalty-mark shall be taken to determine which of the two teams in a drawn match of a knock-out competition shall be declared the winner.

(To replace drawing lots)

In the event that kicks from the penalty-mark have to be taken to determine which team is the winner of a match, the following conditions shall be applied:

  1. The main referee shall choose the goal at which the kicks shall be taken.

  2. He shall toss a coin to decide which team shall take the first kick.

  3. Five kicks shall be taken alternately by each team by five different players. These five players shall be announced to the main referee by the captains of each team before the penalty kicks are taken and shall be among those included on the list of twelve players submitted before the match.

  4. If, after both teams have taken five kicks, both have scored the same number of goals or have not scored any goals, kicks shall continue to be taken in the same order, until such time as both have taken an equal number of kicks (not necessarily five more kicks) and one has scored one goal more than the other.

  5. These additional kicks shall be taken by the players who did not attempt any of the first five kicks. After these have each taken a kick, the players mentioned in par. c shall continue the penalty kicks in the same order.

  6. Any player who has been sent off shall not take part in the penalty kicks.

  7. Any eligible player may change places with his goalkeeper.

  8. Whilst the penalty shoot-out is in progress, all players shall remain on the pitch, in the opposite half to that where the kicks are being taken. The assistant referee shall control this area of the pitch and the players who are situated there.