Preparation for a match consists mainly of studying the competition regulations as well as this booklet.

The commissioner shall make sure that he is familiar with the competition regulations and the particular circumstances pertaining to the match (previous results, suspended players, qualifying procedure etc.).

This point also applies to the referee inspector and security officer, if appointed.

The commissioner should make every effort to reach the match venue on the day before the match. If he is prevented from adhering to his intended travel schedule, the FIFA general secretariat and the match organisers shall be informed without delay.

FIFA will issue a PTA or ticket, which must be used by the commissioner. Changes of itinerary will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances.

The commissioner shall inform the association organising the match (host association) of his precise travel arrangements so that they can reserve his hotel room and arrange for him to be met at the airport.

This point also applies to the referee inspector and security officer, if appointed.

Anyone travelling officially on behalf of FIFA is insured by FIFA against accident and illness during the course of his work and will receive the following insurance cover:

Death CHF 200,000.-
Invalidity CHF 400,000.-
Daily allowance in case of accident causing inability to work CHF 250.- (Europe) or
US$ 175.- (outside Europe)
Medical expenses in case of accident unlimited for a period of 5 years
Medical expenses in case of illness up to a limit of CHF 40,000.-
Additionally: Luggage insurance up to CHF 2,500.-

There is no insurance cover for cash, jewellery and other valuable items.

Additional travel expenses incurred as the result of an accident or illness are also covered as follows:

Claims against the above insurance must be submitted to the FIFA general secretariat in writing within seven days of the incident.

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