The following persons are required to attend the official meeting convened by the commissioner:

In addition to the afore-mentioned persons, the meeting shall be attended by the following persons in the case of high-risk matches:

Media representatives shall not be admitted.

Before the start of the meeting, the commissioner shall ask everyone present to print his/her name and function on a list of participants, which shall be retained by the commissioner.

The commissioner shall discuss point 6.2. (match arrangements) and 7.1. (safety and security matters) at the official meeting. He shall begin with the match arrangements so that after this point the referees and assistant referees may leave the meeting.


  1. Kick-off time: confirm kick-off time; emphasise punctuality as regards arrival at the stadium, kick-off and the start of the second half; fix departure time from the hotel for the commissioner (referee inspector and security officer, if appointed) to arrive at the stadium at least 2 hours before kick-off and for the referees and assistant referees and teams to arrive at least 90 minutes before kick-off;

  2. Match timing and teams' entrance and exit: see points 8.1. and 8.2.

  3. Dressing Rooms of the referees and assistant referees and teams shall be fully equipped (with facilities such as massage tables, blackboards etc.) and orderly ;

  4. Discipline: every participant (listed players and substitutes, coaches, other team officials, etc.) shall be prevailed upon to respect fair play, the referee's decisions and the spectators; no feigning injury; discipline on the bench (no interference with assistant referees); point out the serious consequences of poor sportsmanship or lack of discipline;

  5. Advertising: see point 6.4.

  6. Team Colours: see point 6.5.

  7. Footballs: Acceptance of a football for use in FIFA competitions is conditional upon the football bearing one of the following designations:

  8. Shinguards/Appearance: compliance from every player with instructions for compulsory shinguards and tidy appearance throughout the match (shirts tucked into shorts and socks pulled up);

  9. Pitch Markings: to be checked before the match, after warming-up and during half-time;

  10. Substitutes' Benches: one bench for each team's substitutes and officials (and interpreter, if any); one bench for the fourth official (substitution numbers and assistant referees' flags must be kept ready);

  11. Technical Area: only one person per team is authorised to convey tactical instructions to his players within the confines of the technical area during the match. He must return to his position on the bench immediately after giving these instructions and always conduct himself in a responsible manner. It is advisable for the technical area to be clearly marked;

  12. Injured Players: only two team assistants are permitted to enter the pitch when the referee signals them to do so. The injured person shall be treated quickly and return to play or else carried off for treatment outside the playing area;

  13. Ballboys/Ballgirls: the number of ballboys/ballgirls and where they will be positioned;

  14. Flags / National Anthems / FIFA Anthem: the FIFA flag must be hoisted. It is up to the host and visiting teams and the region/town/city where the match is being held to decide whether they wish their flags to be flown too. The referee's national flag is not necessary. The contending national associations are free to decide mutually whether they wish to have their national anthems played at their matches. The FIFA anthem shall be played while the teams are entering the field.

  15. Telefax: ascertain where a telefax is available to send the official reports after the match.

In principle, the visiting team is entitled to a light practice session not exceeding 45 minutes on the match pitch up to the day before the match, but only if the ground and weather permits. No practice may take place at the ground on match days. The team has the right to refuse access to the media, if it so wishes.

No advertising whatsoever is permitted on the players' outfits. The authorised trademark of the manufacturer may be affixed only once on the shirt, on the shorts and on each sock. The trademark may be used alone as a logo or combined with the name of the manufacturer but shall not exceed 20 cm2 on the shirt and 12 cm2 on the shorts and socks. If thermal shorts are used, they shall be the same colour as the main colour of the players' shorts. Neither the manufacturer's trademark nor the logo is permitted on thermal shorts. The trademark on the goalkeepers' gloves and cap shall not exceed 5cm2 and appear only once on each glove and once on the cap. Referees and assistant referees are also prohibited from wearing advertising on their kit.

The commissioner shall report any violations of these provisions to the FIFA general secretariat.

Each team must take its reserve outfits to every match. If, in the opinion of the referee or the commissioner, the colours worn by two opposing teams might lead to confusion or prove unsuitable for television broadcasts, they shall be modified, using either the entire reserve outfit or a combination of both.

The goalkeepers shall wear colours contrasting with those of the two teams.

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