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France vs Brazil July 12, 1998 Score 3:0

In the attacking part of midfield it was Rivaldo who was in charge, offering service to Ronaldo and Bebeto up front as well as using his deadly left foot to good effect. Heriting Brazilís number 10 jersey, which always puts particular pressure on whoever wears it, Rivaldo had his greatest moments in the match against Denmark when he scored two goals. In the final, while managing to offer some good support to his forwards, he did was stifled by the French and unable to exercise the same dominating match control.

Rivaldo received 58 passes from his teammates
Completed Pass Receptions
Rivaldo received the ball from his teammates Brazil player passed the ball to Rivaldo
The above diagram shows that Rivaldo received most of his passes in midfield and only four passes inside the France penalty area.

At the top right hand corner of the diagram you can find the breakdown of players who are passing to Rivaldo.

Rivaldo completed 39 passes to his teammates
Rivaldo's Completed Pass
Rivaldo intiated the pass to his teammates Rivaldo's teammate received the ball
The above diagram shows that Rivaldo completed his passes on the left hand side of midfield. Rivaldo completed 39 passes out of 64 attempted for a 61% completion rate which is lower than the WC Standard for a midfielder ( WC 98 Standard for a midfielder is 74%)

The breakdown of Rivaldo's ball distribution to his teammates can be seen at the top right hand corner of the diagram.

Rivaldo lost 25 passes to France
Lost Passes
Rivaldo intiated the pass France player intercepted the ball from Rivaldo
The above diagram shows that Rivaldo lost most of his passes on the left hand side , a total of 25 passes out of 64 attempted.

Rivaldo intercepted 11 passes from France
France player intiated the pass Rivaldo intercepted the pass from a France player
The above diagram shows that Rivaldo intercepted 11 balls from France players which is equal to WC 98 standards for a midfielder (WC 98 standard for a midfielder is 11 passes).

Rivaldo's Player Performance Summary
Rivaldo's Performance Summary
The above diagram shows Rivaldo's Player Performance.Rivaldo's completion rate is 61%.Completion Rate:Completed Passes/Total Passes.

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