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France vs Brazil July 12, 1998 Score 3:0

In midfield, Zidane was the dominant figure. Screened by Deschamps and Petit who worked unselfishly for the team, he was the focal point of the action. He would collect the ball in midfield and then try to set up chances, either for himself or for his team mates. Zidane is an exceptional player, full of ideas and creativity; a man who is difficult to replace. He can decide a game all by himself. Almost all attacks ran through Zidane. This would seem to make the team's moves predictable, but he was so creative that his ideas were always turning up new surprises.

Zidane received 54 passes from his teammates
Completed Pass Receptions
Zidane received the ball from his teammates France player passed the ball to Zidane
The above diagram shows that Zidane received his passes in midfield mostly on the left hand side. Zidane received the ball only twice inside the Brazil penalty area and scored two goals. The diagram also shows that Lizarazu #3, playing on the left handside, completed 14 passes to Zidane.

Zidane completed 40 passes to his teammates
Zidane's Completed Pass
Zidane intiated the pass to his teammates Zidane's teammate received the ball
The above diagram shows that Zidane completed most of his passes in the center 1/3 of the field. Zidane's Completion Rate was 78% which is higher than the WC Standard for a midfielder (WC98 standard for a midfielder is 74%).

Zidane lost 11 passes to France
Lost Passes
Zidane initiated the pass to his teammates Brazil player intercepted the ball
The diagram shows that Zidane lost most of his passes in the midfield and most of his passes were attempted in the forward direction. Zidane lost a total of 11 passes.

Zidane intercepted 3 passes from Brazil
Brazil player intiated the pass Zidane intercepted the pass from a France player
The above diagram shows that Zidane is not intercepting many balls during the game. Zidane intercepted only 3 balls which is very low in relation to WC 98 standards for a midfielder (WC 98 standard for a midfielder is 11 passes).

Zidane's Player Performance Summary
Zidane's Performance Summary
The above diagram shows Zidane's Player Performance.

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