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Match officials named for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan"

Meeting on 7 January in Zurich, the FIFA Referees’ Committee named the 36 referees and 36 assistant referees for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™ (cf. list attached). All 72 of them (34 referees and 33 assistant referees were appointed in 1998 in France) officiated at a number of qualifiers for this year’s FIFA World Cup™, during which their performances were thoroughly assessed.

"These referees and assistant referees play a role of the utmost importance," commented FIFA General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen, who himself can look back on several years’ experience as an international referee. "Not only must they ensure that the laws of the game are enforced consistently, but they must also demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, coupled with tact and intuition, so that the teams can fulfil their potential and entertain those watching."

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Before taking their places at the FIFA World Cup" finals between 31 May and 30 June 2002 the referees and assistant referees will rigorously prepare for the competition. Central to these preparations will be the seminar in the Korean capital, Seoul, on 20–23 March 2002, where directives relating to the excessive use of force during play and the outlawed tackle from behind will be covered in detail. Another main topic at the event will be how officials should recognise and penalise the feigning of fouls, as well as guidelines for cooperation between the team of match officials.

The chosen officials will also be set a comprehensive, coordinated fitness programme to follow in the build-up to the World Cup, making sure that they are at the peak of fitness for the finals. At the Seoul seminar, as well as undergoing a medical examination, they must pass the official FIFA fitness test. The seminar will be rounded off by presentations on topics including playing tactics, and how to handle the media.

07 Jan, 2002

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