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Computer software opens up new worlds. Article that appeared in the October 1995 issue of FIFA Magazine.

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CONCACAF Gold Cup 98 Final

USA vs Mexico


Discover the world of computerised match analysis software and learn all about the performances and styles of teams and players. The match analysis software can provide a concise, unbiased evaluation of team players and opponents during the game played. This game analysis provides a deeper understanding and a unique view beyond what can be seen either in person at the game or viewed on video afterwards.

The CONCACAF Gold Cup is the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football's (CONCACAF) biennial championship for national teams. It is contested through a series of qualifying matches that eventually culminate with the CONCACAF Gold Cup finals.

Last February 15, Mexico and the United States, two teams that have also qualified to participate in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, met in the final of the 1998 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

CONCACAF Gold Cup 98 Final
Mexico's Goal - Trace Back
Italy Goal - Trace Back

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This chart shows the sequence of passes which led to the score. The Goal originated from an intercepted pass off of Lalas (#22) of USA by Hernandez (#15). Hernandez (#15) intercepted the ball setting off a sequence of plays where by Ramirez (#7) received the ball passing it forward to Lozano (#10) who then sent a long pass up to Carmona (#18) just outside the penalty box who then crossed it over to Hernandez (#15) for the goal.

The last time Luis Hernandez played for Mexico against the USA on US soil was in a World Cup qualifier back in April 1997. In that match, Hernandez was sent off. On 15 February, 1998, he ran off the pitch a hero after scoring the winning goal in Mexico's 1-0 victory in the CONCACAF Gold Cup championship game in Los Angeles.

Twenty-three year old Hernandez, who plays club football for Boca Juniors in Argentina after playing for five Mexican teams, had a memorable tournament. He led all players with four shots on target including the goal. Hernandez actually started the build-up to the goal by intercepting a ball from Lalas in midfield that led moments later to a superb header into goal past Keller.

Analysis of the Match

  • Mexico player ranking
  • Completed/lost passes-completion rate
  • Mexico's shots on goal
  • Hernandez (#15) player range
  • Team comparison
  • Conclusion

    On the previous Thursday Hernandez had ensured Mexico would compete with the US for the championship by scoring the "Golden Goal" winner against Jamaica in the semi-finals.

    Sunday's goal capped a sparkling display by Hernandez who, according to analysis of his performance using SoftSport's unique Second Look match analysis software, was the impact player of the game. Hernandez controlled the ball for more than two minutes, which, when compared to statistics in the SoftSport's database, is very high for a forward.

    During Sunday's championship game, Hernandez made a total of 46 passes, with 21 going to a team mate, a 46% completion rate which is slightly less than average.

    Mexico Ranking    Completed/Lost Passes
    Completion Rate

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    He intercepted six passes in the US defensive third of the field, some of which led to shots from colleagues. As the diagram of his player range shows Hernandez played extensively from the halfway line to the US penalty area.

    Mexico Shots On Goal Hernandez Player Range
    Mexico Mexico

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    Team Comparison


    Overall the US team gave Mexico a ran for it's money and be sure that Hernandez, now a regular in the Mexican team, should certainly be a player to look for later this year in France.

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