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Goal Goal

A carpet becomes better and more and more popular
FIFA has set up a quality-testing programme to ensure that there is a recognised international standard for artificial turf pitches. Those that pass will be entitled to bear the prestigious FIFA RECOMMENDED logo. In the first of two articles, we look at new developments in artificial turf pitches. In the next issue of FIFA Magazine, we look at the FIFA Quality Concept for artificial turf. 15-Jun-2001

What Players think of the Modern Ball
In the fifth and final article in our series on FIFA's worldwide quality initiative on the manufacture of footballs - the Denominations Programme - we look at the effect the Programme has had on the game itself. Has it improved skill levels? Has the job of match officials been made any easier - and have there been any medical benefits or all-round improvements? 10-Dec-1998

What goes around comes around
Arguably the one constant factor in football over the years is the ball itself. And in truth, the basic manufacturing process has altered little for over a century. In the fourth part of our series looking at various aspects of FIFA's Denominations Programme, we take a closer look at how the football gets from the drawing board to the centre circle. 17-Sep-1998

Getting tough with the Balls
The Denominations Programme is based on a series of laboratory tests - but just how tough are these tests? How many footballs actually fail to meet the required standards - and why? 17-Jun-1998

Unmasked – Football’s First Quality Controller
FIFA Magazine is presenting a series about the Denominations Programme initiated by FIFA in 1995 which deals with the ball itself. In the last issue we presented the Denominations Programme and its development; this time we look at the history of the ball. 24-Apr-1998

Footballs, more than just stitched leather - FIFA - The Mark of Quality
There can be no game of football without a ball. And the better the ball, the better the game. 28-Feb-1998

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