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Goal Goal
The FIFA Quality Concept is not designed as a moneymaking scheme. Although the success of the programme for footballs has generated a substantial profit, this money is reinvested into social programmes. Likewise, development is a key aspect of the artificial turf concept.

Helping Children Worldwide
Most footballs are manufactured in the Sialkot region of Pakistan and India. All manufacturers who are granted a licence to use the FIFA Quality Marks on their footballs are required contractually not to use child labour. They also pay a royalty for each ball sold bearing either a FIFA mark. The net royalties from the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs are made available through the FIFA YOUTH FUND to finance two special children's projects.

First, FIFA has made a commitment to aid the fight against child labour and makes substantial yearly donations via UNICEF and the International Labour Organisation to help fund educational and social programmes in Pakistan and India.

FIFA also supports the charity SOS Children's Villages, which helps orphans and disadvantaged children worldwide.

Improving Football Infrastructure
The theme of reinvestment will also be a major part of the FIFA Quality Concept for Artificial Turf. Each manufacturer that enters into a licence agreement must pay a flat fee per year plus a one-time royalty payment for each pitch installed recoupable against the minimum guarantee. A percentage of the net royalties will be made available through a special fund to finance the improvement or installation of quality artificial surfaces.

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