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At the final draw in Busan, Korea on 1 December 2001, the Fevernova was unveiled as the official match ball for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™. Experts say that the Fevernova will set a new standard in the sport. It is the most accurate football ever produced by adidas.

t is a truly revolutionary ball. The improved syntactic foam layer, consisting of highly compressible and extremely durable gas-filled micro-balloons, has remarkable energy return properties and additional cushioning for enhanced control and accuracy. A three-layer knitted chassis gives the Fevernova improved three-dimensional performance characteristics, allowing for a more precise and predictable flight path every time. Extensive tests with robots in the adidas football laboratory in Scheinfeld, Germany provide proof of the unprecedented accuracy of the Fevernova.

All balls used in the 2002 FIFA World Cup™ are hand-stitched in Morocco. The Fevernova has been on sale since 1 December 2001.

The dynamic design is inspired by the philosophy of the two host countries of this year's FIFA World Cup™. The golden colour symbolises the energy Korea and Japan are dedicating to the 2002 FIFA World Cup™ and the red flames represent the tradition of fire as a driving force. Four trigons with a turbine design at the centre are an interpretation of a well-balanced object and celebrate the technological advances both countries have made in recent years.

Beckham and Aimar are impressed
The name "Fevernova" is inspired by the World Cup fever that grips our planet for one month every four years, when the entire world joins in an overwhelming celebration of the world's biggest sport. A "nova" is a star that shines brightly for a relatively short time. Similarly, the FIFA World Cup™ and the Fevernova will make an overwhelming impression in the summer of 2002.

David Beckham, captain of England's national team, has already played with the Fevernova and is impressed by the new ball. "The dead ball situation is very important for my game. I spend a lot of time perfecting my kicks and especially my free kicks. I have to be able to trust the ball to go exactly where I want it to go. The Fevernova is the most accurate ball I have ever experienced and I'm really looking forward to playing with this ball during the World Cup. I have certainly got World Cup fever."

Argentine midfielder Pablo Aimar shares Beckham's opinion. "In the laboratory the Fevernova has proved to have all the right characteristics. With this new ball, there can be no more excuses. If we miss now, we only have ourselves to blame."

adidas have manufactured the official FIFA World Cup™ match balls since 1970.

The first ball with 32 black and white panels. The TELSTAR was more visible on black and white televisions (1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico™ was the first to be broadcast live on television).
The TELSTAR was again used, this time also in a striking all-white design.
The ball design represented elegance, dynamism and passion.
The first ball with water-resistant qualities.
The first synthetic match ball, with stunning qualities on hard and wet surfaces.
The first ball with an internal layer of black polyurethane foam.
Improved ball control and higher velocity during play.
The first multicoloured match ball, the TRICOLORE used underglass print technology with a thin layer of syntactic foam.

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