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FIFA President’s response to the General Secretary’s allegations

On Saturday 18 May 2002, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter presented his point-by-point response to the allegations made by the FIFA General Secretary on 3 May 2002.

President's reply
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In an accompanying letter sent to the FIFA Executive Committee and the 204 national associations affiliated to FIFA, the President wrote: “The extent and unsubstantiated content of these allegations must be set right. Both in my capacity as FIFA President and as a private individual I am compelled to formally reject these attacks. The aim of this paper is to present the correct facts and figures to the world of football, the FIFA affiliated members and the media so that you may draw your own conclusions.”

In concluding, Joseph S. Blatter stated: “I would ask you to read my document carefully and evaluate it on merit of the facts and figures that it contains. You will come to realise just how baseless the accusations and misrepresentations are. At the moment the FIFA house is burning. Once you have read these documents you will see who struck the match.”

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